We’ve all had to comply with a lot of rules over the last several months so please pay close attention to our rules for this meeting.
1) Families and/or guests are welcome. 2) Ties and socks not allowed. 3) All guests will be checked for Vitamin D dosage levels before being allowed inside for meetings (check your tan). 4) Fun must be had by all!
(Only the last rule will be strictly enforced!) 


Wednesday, June 23

Travel – Arrive, check in. 
Depending on arrival time look for colleagues at the WET bar by the pool on the fifth floor before 7:00 closing, or later at EL VEZ on the first floor.

THursday, JUNE 24

Continental Breakfast Available 
– Featuring yogurt parfait with fresh berries, honey, and HEMP HEART granola

Speakers include:

Discussion of International Markets
— Gregg Doud, Former Chief Agriculture Negotiator at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative 
 Ted McKinney, Former Under Secretary of Trade at USDA •
Moderated by Michael Patterson, CEO of US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC •

Looking to expand your marketing opportunities? These gentlemen understand international markets around the globe. We’ve heard a lot about the wild west nature of this industry but don’t limit yourself. This session will give you a great overview of how to navigate the wild east, south, and beyond. 

Pesticide Development for Hemp
Jerry Baron, IR4 Project •

While major crops provide more market incentive to spur development of crop protection products the IR-4 Project is the primary entity in the United States to facilitate registrations of conventional pesticides and biopesticides for specialty crops which have smaller market scope. With our attendees likely to be a mix of farmers, processors, and testing labs it could be important for everyone in the supply chain to have an awareness of the pesticide development and regulatory processes to understand how these products will be used safely. 

Update on Validcare study of CBD Health Issues
Patrick McCarthy, CEO •

Health safety data being developed by Validcare, sponsored by 16 (and counting…) cannabinoid companies is critical to proving the safety of these products. Patrick will update us on their progress.

Featuring HEMP OIL vinaigrette for salad, HEMP OIL aioli for condiment on sandwiches, and fresh fruit cocktail with HEMP HEART strusel topping, and CBD infused beverages.


Integrating Hemp into the Textile Industry Through Natural Fiber Alliances
— Ed Jernigan, CEO of Jernigan Global

The global textile apparel industry is now awakening to the environmental disaster that is occurring through the dominance of man-made fibers and are seeking new use of natural fibers. Cotton, hemp, and wool all have a role to play together. Jernigan Global has launched the Field to Closet initiative to expand demand for premium U.S. upland cotton fibers, connect the full supply chain from growers through to brands and retailers and provide a complete traceable product linked to the farm the cotton was grown on and to include farmers in an improved economic distribution of the proceeds. Field to Closet works with manufacturing partners to assist brands and retailers in using more cotton in their supply chain that is grown sustainably and traceable in the USA. He will discuss how to integrate hemp into the textile supply chain as a complementary fiber alongside cotton.

Developing a National Research and Promotion Program for Hemp
— Richard Fordyce and Michael Whitmer – OBP Agency

This might sound familiar: Beef – It’s What’s for Dinner – or – Cotton – the Fabric of Our Lives. What about: Hemp – The Miracle Plant . . . Most major commodities have established what are called checkoff programs. That name comes from the concept that each time a unit is sold a certain amount is “checked off” to contribute to a fund for generic promotion and research for the commodity. This could be a powerful tool for the hemp industry. But setting up the program isn’t a simple task and controversy has arisen at times. OBP Agency works with similar national producer-funded organizations like the United Soybean Board along with affiliated state level producer organizations and Richard played a key role in assisting the establishment of the soybean checkoff program in 1994. They both have in-depth experience carrying ag associations through extensive evolutions and landing them as well-established forces in the ag community.

Hemp Industry Investment Capital Options: Overview of CBD to fiber progression, current investment activity & funding criteria
— David B. Wilkinson, Founder & President of the Investment Training Institute, LLC, and Co-Founder & Competitive Strategist of Hemp Business Advisors, Inc. •

How has the hemp industry progressed from CBD to fiber? What is the status of investment activity in the industry and how do you get your company funded? 

Selling your Products on Amazon 
— Jeff Greene, CEO of Greene’s Reserve and Co- Founder of the Florida Hemp Council •

The process of getting your products listed for sale on Amazon can come with plenty of pitfalls. Jeff has experience in business, coupled with experience working as lobbyist, to thread many needles with government agencies and recently completed his Company’s Amazon listing for his innovative new product: hemp snuff. He is uniquely qualified to give us insight about how to navigate through that minefield. 

Hemp Applications in Industrial Uses
– Patrick Flaherty, Mechanical Engineer, PF Design Lab, Louisville, KY •

Hemp should replace all plastic! 50,000 uses! Etc… We’ve all heard the big bold statements and all want them to be true. But we need a practical approach to focus on what is possible and the steps it will take to go from dreams and aspirations to real practical applications. What will it take to build reliable supply chains which will allow major manufacturers to commit to long term use of hemp? How do we get from point A to point B? Mr. Flaherty has an engineering background and years of specialized experience working directly with biobased materials. He will have dozens of examples of materials on hand to discuss processing requirements and applications for the most likely paths forward.

Networking Opportunities
Get to know industry colleagues while conducting an Interactive Study of the Health Benefits of Vitamin D (soak up the sun!) 

— Suggested Attire – Hemp if you have it or South Beach Club Scene (whatever that means to you)
— Featuring caesar salad with HEMP HEART croutons and HEMP OIL caesar dressing, HEMP HEART panko crusted fresh fish, pasta with HEMP OIL pesto sauce, and fruit tart with HEMP HEART crumble topping, and CBD infused beverages.
— Fashion show displaying apparel made from hemp by the Hemp Foundation

Friday, JUNE 25

Continental Breakfast Available 
– Featuring yogurt parfait with fresh berries, honey, and HEMP HEART granola

Speakers include:

Update on Cannabinoid Product Regulation
Richard Cleland, Assistant Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Division of Advertising Practices, Federal Trade Commission
Dr. Matthew Curran, Food Safety Director, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 
 Moderated by Asa Waldstein, Principal of Supplement Advisory Group. •

The FDA regulatory path remains at the top of all our minds. Achieving a regulatory framework to ensure consumer safety continues to be elusive but responsible cooperation remains a priority for our members. By now we’re probably all aware that warning letters come not only from the FDA but also in coordination with the FTC. From an advertising standpoint, the FTC has been playing an active role. Direct dialogue with regulators is the only true way to move the ball forward.

Update on Farm Regulatory Scheme   Panel Discussion:
 Bill Richmond, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
Zach Gihorski, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
—  Commissioner Ryan Quarles, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, 2020-2021 NASDA President, possibly represented by Keith Rogers, Chief of Staff, or other hemp staff experts
Moderated by Russell Williams, Texas Hemp Growers Association

Setting into place an appropriate regulatory scheme for farm production of a crop that has been legalized after decades of being banned is no simple task. The system that Congress put into place charges USDA and the state departments of agriculture with working cooperatively. The regulations have already evolved and may continue to evolve for awhile.

DEA regulatory update
 Sean Mitchell, Chief, Intergovernmental Affairs, Drug Enforcement Administration 

DEA policies which are still evolving could continue to have a profound effect on the cannabis industry across the board. Having a direct dialogue with the regulators can be much more productive than maintaining an adversarial relationship.

Wrap up discussion led by HLC Counsel
—  Daniel Rubenstein, 
Steptoe & Johnson LLP

What did we hear the last couple of days and where do we go from here? Our HLC legal team won’t lecture us but will give us some thoughts and guide our discussion to facilitate consensus among industry leaders. 

Meeting concludes
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Kinetic Energy Laboratory Exercise (waves in the ocean…)

Three options will be provided in downtown Fort Lauderdale to spend quality time with industry colleagues.

Saturday, JUNE 26


Optional fishing trip with Flamingo Fishing 
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2022 meeting will be in Colorado mountains, Vail or similar with river rafting, fly fishing, hiking, etc.